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Dr Kathleen Rosenblatt


Kathleen Rosenblatt, L.Ac, PhD, OMD, is a writer and pioneer Acupuncturist, formerly in Cedars-Sinai Medical Tower; co-founder of the first Acupuncture clinic in the U.S. at UCLA, and the first five acupuncture colleges--in Boston & California. She is the author of metaphysical books in French & English, and she focuses on the spiritual dimension of health, affecting pain & depression. Kathleen has lectured in many countries, in French and Spanish, and held group seminars for her patients and French groups.  


Kathleen’s book, Rene Daumal, The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide (S.U.N.Y. Press; Editons Jose Corti, Paris), contains material from centuries of Hindu philosophy and from the 20th century’s best spiritual guides.  

She has studied the Gurdjieff Teaching, worked personally with Carlos Castañeda and other curanderas, and practiced many forms of Tai Chi.  She applies theories of spiritual evolution learned from these masters to help patients achieve and maintain mental & physical health.   


Her CDs “Practical Cellular Meditation" and "Practical Veterans Stress Release for PTSD” have been funded by singer/songwriter Graham Nash to help our returning soldiers.  

The double CDs help activate neuro-chemicals & energy systems which induce relaxation and restorative sleep, and help remove deep-seated stress & trauma, with music designed to relax nerves and stimulate the mind. 


Kathleen has written articles for periodicals and websites on complementary medicine, healing, spirituality, psychology and political issues. 


Kathleen shares the music gene from her pianist grandfather with her more accomplished musician brother. Their interest in many forms of music spans many decades. Kathleen has played piano for dance classes, memorial services, and hotel concerts. Kathleen is proof of the power of music as a penetrating memory device. Her recollection of music from childhood is actively alive, which she imparts in her book. The book is evidence of the power of music to inform, involve, and deliver feelings, knowledge, and wisdom.  

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