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Glamorous Soldiering

Soldiering has been glamorized throughout millenia--at least since the Akkadian conquests 4,500 years ago. It has always provided the most impressive sign of masculine valor. Nothing more dashing than military uniforms, no matter which country’s helmets, medals, and insignias. And our WWII dads were the action heroes in our own lives. Every boy has played with mini garrisons of toy soldiers.

We were raised with the rigid concept of “good guys” and “bad guys,” and we always knew which side we were on. The Vatican launching the Albigensian Crusade against heretics? (actually, the massacring of a religious group). And wiping out the Templars? (going after their wealth). Officially, winners all good guys—in God’s name. We had no idea that war was an industry in itself, and that wealthy financiers often supply both sides--to this day.

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