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Boomers Today

The earliest Boomers were only fourteen when the Sixties' decade started. So, many of the decade's new perspectives and events were orchestrated by older Beats and visionaries born in the 1930s and '40s. We teens were pulled along and jumped in, carrying it on in the Seventies.

Boomers went on to survive the materialism of the Eighties, and then the booms, recessions, and blow-outs of the Nineties. Today Boomers have grown older and witnessed more decades of change. They have seen shifts in style, manners, technologies, and political fluctuations. Many of them carried vestiges of their younger aspirations, goals, and lifestyles into later decades. Some easily adapted to the latest dictates of the youth planet syndrome that they had birthed. So how does it really feel to look back at those years?

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Sal Princiotta
Sal Princiotta
01 Kas 2023

Looking back, some aspects I like and some not so much. If I were to focus on different facets and assess my thoughts that way, it would allow me to capture what moved me the most, positive or negative.

Did you provide your readers with questions along the path of your book, that will apply toward bringing their experiences in view along the track of topics you discuss?

Reading about your experiences is a great starter drawing out your reader's experiences. Especially since those years, particularly the sixties and what followed are rich with monumental breakthroughs and transformations of all types. Also, what worked and why? And what didn't work and why? And how has it brought us to w…

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